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Prof. Wesley C. Campbell (University of California, Los Angeles)が第972回分子研コロキウムで発表を行いました。

  • 第972回分子研コロキウム

日付 本日 2023年9月21日(木)16時~
場所 ハイブリッド開催(分子科学研究所 研究棟201およびZoom)
講演題目 Optical cycling of arenes for single-molecule quantum state preparation and readout.
講演者 Prof. Wesley C. Campbell (University of California, Los Angeles)
概要  An optical cycling transition in a molecule is an electronic transition in which the upper state preferentially decays back to the original rovibrational state (or states) from which it was excited upon spontaneous emission.  Because the laser-induced fluorescence can be repeated many times with a nearly deterministic final internal state, these transitions are useful for laser-driven applications such as Doppler cooling and quantum state preparation and detection of qubits.  I will discuss recent progress toward endowing molecules as large as polycyclic arenes with optical cycling centers.  Thinking ahead, it is worthwhile to consider and how this progress may continue even when the species involved are so large that rotational lines are no longer optically resolved.  This leads to a direct rotational analogue of laser cooling of atomic translation, and connections between the two can provide insight about each.
“Functionalizing aromatic compounds with optical cycling centers” Guo-Zhu Zhu, et al. Nature Chemistry 14, 995 (2022)
“Photon spin molasses for laser cooling molecular rotation” W. C. Campbell and B. L. Augenbraun. J. Mol. Spectrosc. 385, 111596 (2022)
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